Sleep in the park – 08/12/18

Sleep in the park – 08/12/18

I’m going to take a little break from the Singbalish trip to tell you that I’ve lost my mind (a little bit more) and that on the 8th December I’m going with my colleagues to sleep in the park. Here, in Edinburgh, where the average temperature in December is 5 C during the day and I prefer not to know during the night…where the sky spits water in all its different states an average of 191 days a year…And I’m not going to sleep in a cosy cabin with prosecco flowing or in a tent by the radiator, no…I’m going to sleep out in the open, riding out whatever the weather throws at us that night.

Sounds rough, doesn’t it? Well, those are the conditions that people less lucky than you and I have to endure every single night and not by their own choice like I’m doing it, or with a team backing them up like I’ll be doing.

And that’s the purpose of this initiative: on one hand, to raise awareness of the harsh conditions faced by those who are homeless for whatever circumstances in life, and on the other hand to raise funds allowing an extra help to end homelessness or facilitate the living of those who have no choice.

This event took place last year with really positive results so if you want to lend a hand there is a link to your right (or clicking here) where you can donate 1 pound, 2 pounds, 700 pounds…it’s up to you, really). And if you prefer not to donate, that’s perfect, but keep looking for the opportunity to do your bit to help someone in need. Make someone smile.

Many thanks 🙂

P. S. I’ll be back tomorrow with a wee short Singaporean story






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Sleep in the park – 08/12/18